Website uses as email adress1 day 12 hourstuckeranddale

I set up a WordPress website with the sytsem email but somehow website uses

How long can I use extensions in Mobirise?3 days 12 hourszoplog

When I bought the extensions I was sure that it's for a lifetime. Not very long time ago I received the message from Mobirise. They say that I need to update the subscription with 50% discount....

Remember me at WordPress site has no function4 days 9 hourstuckeranddale

I run a WordPress website and found that the remember me checkbox within login process has no function. If I close the browser and open site again I need to login again. The site does not remember...

What is the best website design company in the world?4 days 16 hourszoplog

I want to ask what is the best website design company in the world?

Need to login at WordPress always twice?5 days 13 hourschonthicha tutama

I run a WordPress website. If I login as admin I need to enter the login creditials always twice. Why I need to login always double? Is it possible to change this behaviour? I found that there are...

The email adress of my WordPress website does not update5 days 15 hourstuckeranddale

I changed the email adress of my WordPress website but somehow the email adress is not updateing. How can I fix this?

Creating automatically generated invoices for subscriptions at WordPress website using SlicedInvoice5 days 18 hourstuckeranddale

I run a WordPress based website. The website offers 3 different membership plans. 2 of these membership plans come with a subscription which triggers a recurring payment after each billing cycle....

Is it possible to mix the created in Mobirise project with Wordpress theme?6 days 14 hourswooflkza

I created project in Mobirise with some paid theme. Now I would like to implement it to Wordpress and mix with another theme. How do you think, is it possible?

Could you please name good theme fo sute?1 week 2 dayszoplog

Do you know some useful theme for the advertisement of plumbers, handymen, electricians and so on? I'd like to have good images and block for a presentation of our work. Thanks!

What are the Desktop Analyst's tasks?1 week 5 daysAbdou

I have an interview in 3 days for the role of "Desktop Analyst" where I am required to resolve "software and hardware issues".

I know of an 'IT Help Desk' and 'IT Support' yet how does a...

How to recover deleted videos and some word documents from partition?2 weeks 2 daysjaxsonleo12

How to recover deleted videos and some word documents from partition. I am using windows 10 and have lost my data 1 week ago. Is there any manual method or software which can help me out...

Is there any way (technique/tool) to identify actual product and its related details from input string?3 weeks 11 hoursUsesRN

For example: 

1. Input String: "

wound type cartridge filter size 20 * 4 Inch for RO plant" 


Product: cartridge filter for RO plant

Size: 20 * 4 inch...

Did you use website craetor Mobirise?1 month 2 weekswooflkza

I want to buy the Mobirise's kit but it costs a lot. Did someone try this app? does it worth it?

First of all, I want to use the Code Editor extension. Would it be possible to use Block...

What is the best advice you have had as a frontend developer?1 month 4 weeksPalaksinghla

I am a frontend developer and I wish that somebody had told a few thinngs when I began my career as a frontend developer. One of the important things I wish I knew was -- to say 'NO' to projects...

Host unable to communicate with guest machines2 months 1 weekjohnnyseq

I have VMware Workstation 15, and I have Windows 10 pro installed on the host computer.

For some strange reason the host computer is unable to communicate with any of the guest machines and...

QF Pulling From Solrconfig.xml Instead of Configoverlay.json2 months 2 weekscoreyellsworth


I am using Solr Cloud 6.6. I have a RequestHandler named /aggregate that appears in both the solrconfig.xml and configoverlay.json files. It is my understanding that the...

Can you enhance Scrum in your team with new software?2 months 3 weeksAleksandraKl

In our company, we are curious if you can really improve a Scrum understanding and awareness through applying new software to take care of Scrum quality? What are your experiences on the matter...

Scale function is taking longer in solr 7.4 than it was in solr 6.62 months 3 weeksryanr

I recently upgraded Solr from version 6.6 to 7.4 and noticed that my queries are now taking longer to return results. Below is an example of the query that I am using:


Redirecting HTTP to HTTPS3 months 1 daysushovan

How to redirect HTTP to HTTPS Using .htaccess File forcefully?

Copying server backup to a local virtual machine using tar command3 months 1 weekchonthicha tutama

For backing up a Linux ubuntu setup I use this command:

sudo tar -cvpzf backup2018.tar.gz --exclude=/home/server/backup2018.tar.gz -- one-file-system /


Fixing 504 Bad Gateway nginx error3 months 1 weekSkywalker

I have a problem with my website. Since a few days, I only see a 504 Bad Gateway nginx error showing if I visit my website. I followed a lot of instructions on the internet but nothing was helpful...

Where can I find the php.ini file in Linux Ubuntu?3 months 1 weekSkywalker

I am serching for the php.ini file in my Linux Ubuntu operating system. Can anybody tell me where I can find the php.ini file on the server?

Job for nginx.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status nginx.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.3 months 1 weekSkywalker

I want to restart nginx with the following ssh prompt

service nginx retart

When I insert it I get the following eeror message


Boot directory is full in server3 months 1 weekchonthicha tutama

The boot directory is full in server. Thats why the server is down. How can this happen? Normally there is enough space on this server. How can I solve the issue?

open socket #29 left in connection 953 months 1 weekchonthicha tutama

I get a nginx 504 timeout at my server. I checked the nginx error log and found the following error open socket #29 left in connection 95. The numbers in this error vary from line to line. What is...

How can I check if my website is infected by malware?3 months 1 weektuckeranddale

Sometimes if I visit my website i see a Chrome website poping up instead my website. I dont know the reason but i think its because my website is infected by malware. How can I check if website is...

Tranfer file size ATTO disk benchmark3 months 2 weeksOd Vardara

I'm running windows server 2016 on WMware workstation player and I am testing different RAIDs systems with ATTO disk benchmark. With ATTO I can change the size of files it needs to write/read to/...

Reading/writing speeds in different RAIDS in VMware3 months 2 weeksOd Vardara

I'm running Windows Server 2016 on VMware workstation player and I am testing different RAID systems with ATTO disk benchmark. In my system the striping volume reads/writes much slower than a...

Dropped my work laptop need data3 months 2 weeksLeaKloss

Hi. I dropped my work laptop in a car last week and it didn’t responding. There is all my work document in it( mostly pdf, word, excel, some pictures). Guys from my office removed a ssd drive from...

How can I run same website in different domains with same database in Drupal 7?3 months 3 weeksCodebutcher

I want to create another domain for my website. The Website backend and its database should stay as is. I want to use the same Drupal 7 set up. I want to change only the domain and the design....