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Why do hosting providers often fear IRC?5 months 4 weeksAndreasOS

I heard often from hosting providers that they disallow IRC on their servers. So it's hard to...

Cloudflares' challenge is blocking website permantently7 months 2 weeksAndreasOS

I already set the security level of Cloudflare to essentially off and cleared also the browser...

How can I switch of the feed of Drupal?7 months 2 weeksAndreasOS

I cloned a basic setup from Drupal 7 and filled it with new data. The problem is that a feed...

Has cloudhosting an effect on ranking?7 months 2 weeksAndreasOS

What effect does migrating my site to "the cloud" have on my listings? Is it better to host a...

How important is page speed to get a website ranked top in search engines?7 months 2 weeksAndreasOS

Is speed more important than relevance? Does anybody know how important the ranking factor page...

How valuable are backlinks from social media websites?7 months 2 weeksAndreasOS

How does Google rate links from websites like Twitter or Facebook? Does anybody know how...

How to use breadcrumbs correctly7 months 2 weeksAndreasOS

Which best practices should I keep in m